Year 2020

When the pandemic hit, the online world shifted fast into a working platform and became the initial step for the owner to start a freelance side job that stayed for almost two years. This was the birth of World Tax and Accounting.

Closing Year of 2022

Development and launching of WTA website through website builder services.

The Post-pandemic (2023)

WTA started accepting more clients and added more members to the team as well. On the process of expanding, WTA’s website migrated to a new web hosting provider with a better Content Management System (CMS) and did gradual website updates.

May 2023

Initial establishing of WTA company logo/brand in the virtual world where we based the concept, and theme updates on the website. See previous layouts on Site Update Screenshots page.

June 2023

Presentation of logo options designed by professional logo designers from Upwork. Approved second concept as our final and official WTA logo.

  1. Logo design by: Matija Jurcak
    Logo design incorporates our complete initials “W+T+A” compiled in one icon. Green and blue colors represent “W”, red for “T” then the converted “A” plus our Company Name. The theme colors blue and red are new additions as picked by the owner combined in the primary color to see the concept outcome.
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  2. Logo design by: Muhammad Ibrahim
    Logo design incorporates the initial “W” in a captivating arrow icon that symbolizes the realms of taxation and accounting, while also exuding an iconic quality for mobile applications and profiles. The colors green and gray have been chosen to enhance its visual appeal.
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Our Team latest completion numbers and counting...

50 +

Personal/Business Clients


Tax and Accounting Projects completed

20 +

Bookkeeping Jobs completed